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Top of Texas! Hi, I'm David R Griffin, or DR Griffin1. I grew up in Sydney, Australia, and currently reside in Seattle, WA (the upper left corner of the USA).

I've had lots of hobbies and interests over the years. As I write this, I realize how privileged I was to be exposed to so many opportunities as a child. Before the age of 10 I was sailing, skiing, and my dad had taught me about imaginary numbers. My family went on lots of camping trips, and I was a scout for most of my teenage years. During high-school I was on the debating team, and played rugby. I'm pretty lucky that I ended up in Seattle, because I can still go sailing, skiing, and play touch rugby regularly.

After high school I completed a combined degree in Electical Engineering and Commerce (Economics) at the University of Sydney. My first full-time job was working as a Software Engineer for Toshiba in Sydney for a couple of years. From 2014 to 2019 I worked as an SDE for Amazon in Seattle.

In 2020 I'm building a company. I'm looking for people who want to build whatever it is that comes after the cloud.

1 Not actually a doctor.